Support Group & Education Option

Post date: Nov 6, 2014 11:37:32 PM

Support Group Meeting, Tuesday November 11th, 6:45pm

We will host our next support group meeting TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 11th @ 6:45 PM at Trinity Commons (E22nd St & Prospect Ave). Lighted, secure parking is available.

Educational Option: "Coming Out Stories"

PFLAG Cleveland monthly educational series features a number of short "coming out" movies/shorts. The session is offered as an alternative to our monthly support group meeting. Those interested in attending can join PFLAG Cleveland members in the main support group room just prior to the support group meeting. Movies include:

  • Second Guessing Grandma (9 minutes) -- a short, cute film with a happy ending

  • Lead With Love (35 minutes) -- a "how to get through the initial period after a child comes out" story involving real families.

  • In My Shoes (6 minutes) -- a short documentary about the transgender coming out experience

  • Coming Out to your Parents (4 minutes) -- a different perspective on love, power and forgiveness when coming out (by Dan Savage)

  • Coming Out of Your Closet (11 minutes) -- a humorous and poignant TED presentation about empathy and strength and truth, by Ash Beckham