Frank Groh-Wargo: Guest on WCPN, Sound of Ideas

Post date: Sep 16, 2013 3:12:07 PM

PFLAG Cleveland member Frank Groh-Wargo (husband of President Sharon Groh-Wargo) was a guest on "The Sound of Ideas," today at 9 AM on 90.3 FM WCPN which featured award-winning author Andrew Solomon, author of "Farm From the Tree." Frank participated as a guest along with Lisa Bachman. You can listen to the show on WCPN's website here:

From WCPN: "Author Andrew Solomon's Far From the Tree examines the most intense challenges parents can face: Adapting to a new reality when a child inherits or aquires an identity that makes him or her profoundly different. How does the difference caused by autism, or dwarfism or sexual identity impact the family dynamic? We'll find out as we spend the hour with Solomon, winner of the 2013 Anisfield Wolf Book Award for nonfiction."