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Jes Sellers PFLAG Cleveland Scholarship

The Jes Sellers PFLAG Cleveland Scholarship aims to provide recognition and financial assistance to outstanding students. Applicants qualifying for this award shall be enrolled graduate, undergraduate, institute or community college students or high school graduates admitted to an institution of higher education and who can demonstrate:
  • An exceptional interest and support in the mission of PFLAG by advancing equality for LGBTQ individuals through support, education and/or advocacy
  • Participation in school or community activities which promote diversity and positive institutional change 
  • Enrolled or admitted as a student in good academic standing with their institution 
Any eligible candidate with a relationship to the LGBTQ+ community is invited to apply; this means LGBTQ-identified, ally, or family and/or friend of LGBTQ-individuals in our community.

About Dr. Jes Sellers PhD, co-founder of PFLAG Cleveland & founder of the Jes Sellers PFLAG Cleveland Scholarship
As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Sellers dedicated his professional life to advancing mental heath care for struggling students and saw the extraordinary benefit that human kindness and financial support can bring to students in need.
     He earned degrees from Penn State University and the University of Florida and professional training through the University of Iowa's American Psychological Association approved internship in counseling psychology.
     Jes served as the director of counseling services for more than 32 years at Case Western Reserve University and is currently a  licensed psychologist in private practice in Cleveland Heights.
Quentin Jamieson,
Mar 2, 2019, 6:26 PM